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Foot Blackmail
Nick found himself in a familiar position on Thursday night. He was in the bedroom of his expensive studio apartment after a dinner date with his girlfriend. Of course, Nick wasn’t waiting on his bed while his girlfriend prepared to fuck his brains out. Rather, Nick was naked and on his knees, with Princess Angel’s pedicured red toes on his computer screen, boner raging but not stroking without Princess’s permission.

Nick, though a new foot slave, was already one of Princess Angel’s most loyal, and richest. Nick was a very successful local businessman, which meant he could afford the high rates to view Princess’s webcam, as well as luxurious heels Princess requested online.

Nick had bought Princess a total of seven new high heels, and had paid for over twenty pedicures and tributes, which had earned him five orgasms in the time he had been serving. Nick’s poor balls were constantly full and being teased by Princess’s perfect feet, but he had quickly learned that his desires come last when it comes to Princess Angel.
Princess was lying down on her couch, relaxing after another lovely day of financial domination and worship from her stable of boys. She had already gotten over $2,000 in tributes when Nick emailed her begging for another Thursday night foot session. After getting Nick to agree to a $500 tribute, she turned on her laptop camera and pointed it at her feet on the couch, all while continuing to watch TV and occasionally get up to talk to her boyfriend in his office. She ordered Nick to sit naked on his knees and quietly stare at her feet, and also doing any little tasks she could come up with for him. Princess only put up with him because of his money, and had already taken measures to make sure she would milk his bank account dry.

After his first session adoring her toes, Nick was forced to write a two-paged letter addressed to his girlfriend about how she should start fucking real men, because Nick could only get hard to Princess Angel’s feet, and nothing else. Nick had to email the letter along with his girlfriend’s contact info to Princess Angel, to be used in the event Nick decides to stop paying for Princess’s feet to be spoiled. She was still deciding whether to let him cum tonight or not, though she already knew about his date earlier and especially loved to deny him on nights he was out with his girlfriend.

To entertain her she ordered Nick to

“Oink for my feet and tell them what a foot piggy you are.”

Still watching her TV, she couldn’t help but laugh as she heard a grown man proclaim,

“I’m just a dirty piggy who doesn’t deserve to be lint between your toes,” and that, “I would rather kiss your feet than have sex with any woman on Earth.”

 By that time Princess Angel was literally laughing out loud, and asked him

“Would you suck dick for the chance to kiss my feet?”

She knew this was the line Nick was never willing to cross, and had already used it as a reason to deny him many orgasms. Nick was bright red and shamefully said,

“Princess I don’t want to suck dick, please stop asking me that.”

He sounded like such a pussy, almost ready to cry. Princess now pointed her webcam at the screen and laughed in his face.

“You are a fucking bitch Nicky, you understand that? The only reason you exist is to spoil my fucking feet, and be my little slave, do you understand that?”

Nick nodded his head while shaking with humiliation, but he couldn’t hide the fact that his cock was rock solid and Princess could see that.

“Look at your pathetic cock faggot, get as close to it as you fucking can. Stick your tongue out as far as it goes and try to lick your fucking cock.”

Nick couldn’t believe he was doing this, but he was obeying every word.

“I am taking pictures of all of this Nick, I have your girlfriend’s email address, and don’t you think she would be interested to see this side of you? That her boyfriend’s cock only gets hard for my feet while I don’t even let you fuck her? BAHAHA!”

Nick’s eyes were tearing up,

“God no! Princess please don’t tell her!”

Princess calmly said, with the most evil of smiles,

“Nick, if you ever want to look at my feet again, you are going to tell me the lengths you are willing to humiliate yourself for the chance to have them pressed against your lips. What’s it gonna be bitch? Admit your deepest secret, or never see my feet again, and expect a phone call from that girlfriend of yours later tonight?”

Nick’s cock was absolutely straining right now, but his face had the saddest look of desperation; he had no choice but to mutter,

“I’ll suck dick for you Princess.”

Princess angrily lashed out,

“You have one last fucking chance Nick, admit everything you are willing to do for my feet or I swear I’ll call your girlfriend right here with you on your fucking camera!”
“Princess Angel I love your beautiful feet and toes so much that I am willing to suck another man’s penis just for the chance to see them again. I would suck a dick because your feet are all that I live for, and I will do absolutely anything to please you and your precious feet.”
Princess was dying of laughter,

“Good bitch, now, here’s your reward. Go onto craigslist right now and post an ad in the ‘men seeking men’ section, offering your virgin mouth to the longest, thickest, gayest dick you can find! Send me a screenshot of the ad once it’s posted and then we can talk about your new price for these webcam sessions. I think your rates are going up to $700 instead of $500, how does that sound?”

Nick’s throat was dry, and barely able to say,

“Sounds great, Princess.”
Princess Angel pointed the camera back at her feet,

“Good boy, now kiss my feet goodnight and get working on that craigslist ad, you’re lucky I’m not making you post a pic of your face along with it! BAHAHA. Bye faggot.”

And just like that she signed off.
Twenty-four hours, one craigslist ad, and $500 later, Nick found himself yet again kneeling in front of his computer, staring at the same perfect red toes as the day before, begging his Princess for mercy. Princess Angel had ordered him to immediately give her any info of a man who responded to his ad, which had (unfortunately for Nick) already garnered
two steamy replies from horny gay men. Nick was driven to the edge by the fact that Princess could actually make him go suck dick for her, and was bargaining for his life.

To add to poor Nicky’s humiliation, Princess Angel made him come on screen with a banana in his mouth, forcing him to only type out his desperate requests. Her webcam was still just pointed at her feet, but Princess was alert the whole time, cracking up and taking screenshots while she made him suck his “training cock.” Nick was doing anything and everything to get Princess to not respond to those gay ads, and so far the only things she had agreed to had been weekly $100 pedicures, and $500 for her ped-egg with a sprinkle of her foot dust inside. In between giving the slave orders and laughing at his ass, Princess was online shopping Amazon for the perfect pair of heels for her anniversary with her man in a couple months. Then she gasped, she’d finally found the perfect ones! A pair of Louboutins priced at a sexy $800! She quickly mailed Nick the link,

“Here bitch, these will look great for my man during our trip to Las Vegas!”

Nick almost dropped the banana out of his mouth when he saw the price tag.

“Princess, this will be a total of over $1300, please let this be it, I’m giving you all that I can.”

Princess licked her lips just at the thought of it: $1300, and this was only week one!

“Bitch, you will stop paying when I have told you to stop paying, which if you’re lucky will only be one or two years.”

Nick’s heart absolutely sank like a rock, but before he had time to type out any reply, Princess began speaking again,

“Listen bitch, I know your secrets, I know that if it came down to it, you would suck another man’s cock for the chance to stare at my feet. Do you know how fucking disgusting that is? You would pay hundreds of dollars for the grime from between my toes. Do you know how fucking perverted you are? You’re actually really lucky. If you didn’t have the money to keep your little fetish secret, I’d have you at the lingerie store right now buying something sexy before these two men come gangbang your mouth. You will spend paycheck after paycheck for my feet bitch. You’ll beg me to stop but I will never run out of heels that I want. My toes will always need pedicures, and you’ll always fucking buy them for me, got it faggot? Because if you decide to stop paying, I’ll decide that your girlfriend might wanna see these videos of you beating off to my feet and begging me to let you suck cock. Or maybe these two craigslist friends of yours might wanna know the address of the person begging to have loads shot all over his face. HAHA, you’re so fucked Nick.”

Nick stood in front of his camera like a deer in the headlights, stunned. Princess had seen this face before. It’s common for slaves to be absolutely overwhelmed when she first lays out their fate for them. Princess knew her job with this bitch was done, just one last task to seal the deal.

“Ok Nicky I’m fucking tired of you. Start sucking that banana like the giant cock you crave. Start jacking off your little wiener. Blow your little cummies all over that banana, and you know what’s coming next, suck all that nasty jizz off afterword like a good slut. I’m giving you two minutes bitch, you’re a fucking piece of shit.”
With that Princess began scrunching her sexy soles in front of the camera as Nick’s hand instinctively began jacking as fast as possible. Princess’s ten red toes flashed in the screen in front of him, and each stroke brought Nick deeper and deeper into Princess’s stable of hopelessly devoted slaves.
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